Rectifier Replacement $6.58


crazypj22: Us 'outsiders' need to stick together 8-) May 11, 2015 2:42:24 GMT -5
kopcicle: Yeah well , I'll just stick to my own baileywick . May 22, 2015 23:28:23 GMT -5
kopcicle: grizld1: I was bored so you have some more brain vomit to pour through ;-) May 23, 2015 3:54:03 GMT -5
grizld1: Uh, doesn't sound like much of a filter medium, Dennis; what am supposed to pour through it? May 26, 2015 15:42:39 GMT -5
kopcicle: May 29, 2015 13:30:50 GMT -5
slide: Mike, I suggest you consider a PMA from Hugh's Handbuilt. I have had one for two years and it works great. Couple that up with a new Pamco with the auto advance and you will be good to go for a long time. I think the cost may be less as well Jul 21, 2015 12:28:05 GMT -5
scabber: I.m Jul 23, 2015 14:02:55 GMT -5
scabber: I'm back Jul 23, 2015 14:03:46 GMT -5
r80rt: :)This is a splendid write up, THANK YOU!!!! Dec 26, 2015 16:54:05 GMT -5
mashermoto: What the what is this shoutbox for? Or should I shout, WHAT THE WHAT IS THIS SHOUTBOX FOR! May 12, 2016 22:22:21 GMT -5
motormike: Good Day ...just a FYI.. Wild Cat is this Labor Day weekend. Still go'n on. A few 650's still make the scene. Various rides at different skill levels each day.. awards dinner sunday eve. BS in the park'n lot after dinner. :) Aug 23, 2016 7:57:01 GMT -5
lsettle: First post in over 6 years! Aug 28, 2016 19:45:17 GMT -5
kardon: Wow quiet here, where did they all go. Oct 7, 2016 2:18:13 GMT -5
gggGary: LOL Feb 16, 2017 20:49:02 GMT -5
buell88: Anybody have any idea who built the xs650 tracker used in the Draggin Jeans Ad on Pipeburn? May 16, 2017 16:24:09 GMT -5
joshua: The regulator/rectifier unit I got from Mikes PMA has closer hole spacing than original. Are we supposed to mill the holes to fit? Jun 7, 2017 19:25:58 GMT -5
joshua: My bad. I found the bracket they supplied to mount the rectifier/regulator... Uh oh. How is this meant to work? Which way is it meant to mount? Looks like I have to use some spacers or something. Good instructions would be nice. Jun 7, 2017 22:09:52 GMT -5
craig8johnson: Not sure if this is the right spot or not but oh well... Jul 11, 2017 18:04:15 GMT -5
craig8johnson: I'm checking the charging system. I'm afraid I might have fried the last battery. With the solid state regulator (after market) what should it be charging at. The book says, I think, 15 volts. I'm hitting 17 when revved. Is that too high? Jul 11, 2017 18:06:19 GMT -5
gggGary: Yes 17 volts is too high, about 14 volts is max, sounds like you don't have the right regulator or it's wired wrong. Jul 13, 2017 6:54:33 GMT -5